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Implant Restoration

Whether it’s due to aging, gum disease, severe tooth decay or an accident, losing one or several teeth can have an adverse effect on your oral health and self esteem. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, consider an implant restoration.

Why Choose Dental Implant Restoration?

The following are some facts to consider:

1. Dental implants are durable. The implant fuses to the jawbone so you don’t have to worry about it falling off when you open your mouth to speak.

2. Implants are long-lasting. With proper care, your dental implant can last a lifetime.

3. Implants are natural-looking. No one will be able to tell the difference.

4. Implants are the healthy teeth replacement solution. With this option, there’s no need to prepare or grind down adjacent teeth.

Best of all, dental implants improve your appearance and bring back your confidence.

How It Works

The process is very straightforward but the overall treatment duration can take several months. First, Dr. Roberts will drill a tiny hole in the jawbone and screw the base of implant into the bone. The gum is placed over it and allowed to heal. It will undergo a process called osseointegration, this will take about 2-6 months. By this time the implant is ready to become an anchor for the artificial tooth. A connector is placed on top of the implant and then a dental crown is attached to it using a specialized dental cement.

For patients who have lost several teeth, an implant-supported bridge can be made. For more information about dental implant restoration, please call our office.

Dental Implant Restoration
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