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Oral Cancer Screening

Most cancers have a significantly high chance of cure if treated early, and oral cancer is no exception. During a routine dental visit, Dr. Roberts may perform an oral exam to check for possible signs of cancer. He will look for sores, or red/white patches in your mouth.

Keep in mind however that sores in the mouth are usually non-cancerous. If Dr.Roberts finds an unusual sore, he will request for a biopsy to determine if it’s cancerous or not.

Do you need oral cancer screening?
According to the USPSTF, adults should undergo oral cancer screening regularly, and it is exceedingly important for people who are at high risk of oral cancer. Factors that increase the risk are as follows:

1. Tobacco use – cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, pipes, etc.
2. Heavy alcohol use
3. Prior oral cancer diagnosis

Consult our office to determine whether you should undergo oral cancer screening.

Oral Cancer Screening
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